Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kaylees Birth Story

On Wednesday January 25, my aunt Alicia went in to have an amnio test to see if she could have her baby that day. She had quite the pregnancy, full of more than her share of hospital visits, not to mention finding out she might have diabetes all the time, not just during pregnancy. I don't even want to  imagine how rough this pregnancy was, but I know she would tell you it was all completely worth it. My uncle Matt, and Alicia have had three boys, and thought they were done after the third boy was born. Then they found out they were pregnant again, and they were really crossing their fingers that it was a girl, and guess what? It was.
Alicia couldn't have been more excited, you should have seen her opening her pink baby gifts at her baby shower. She was so ecstatic and in tears even.
I made sure to get work off that day just in case she was able to have her baby. Matt, and Alicia were gracious enough to allow me in to the delivery room, even though no one else had ever been in there before. It was really an honor and privilege to be there with them.
Anyway, they found out that morning that they would be able to have their little girl that day, and then the long labor process began. They found out about 8 am, and then waited for the rest of the day for Alicia to progress. I stayed on call that day, making sure I would be ready when the time came. At about 11 pm, I got the call to come down to the hospital because Alicia was almost ready.
Is it strange to say as I got there I was so excited I was shaking? I had no idea why, but I love the medical field, and I love photography, and I guess being able to witness my first birth, and then take photos of this, I couldn't contain my excitement. 
When I got there Alicia had an oxygen mask on because they said that the baby needed to be getting more oxygen. She was so cute trying to talk to me with the mask on.

They obviously had been waiting all day and had hunkered down with books, treats, and the lap top.

My uncle Matt was so incredibly sweet to my aunt as they waited patiently for their little girl.

It was about "go" time and Alicia gave me a thumbs up.

Soon the nurse came in and declared it was time to start pushing. (So I took a picture of the time.)

Not too long after that Makayla (Kaylee) was born!

And can I just say it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen or witnessed in my life.

How tender is it that she was so over joyed and in tears that she finally was able to hold her baby girl after all this time. I couldn't help but cry myself. 

Most of these shots are candid. Actually a very good majority of them are. I didn't really want posed photos, because I wanted to capture all of the real moments happening.

Kaylee was one chunk of a baby weighing nine pounds twelve ounces!

Isn't she such a precious, and beautiful daughter of God?

Because of the candid moments some of the pictures had some blurs, but I think that they make them more real. 

It was so sweet seeing them with their baby girl.

My heart completely melted when I saw her open her eyes for the first time to see her parents smiling down at her.

This was Matt holding her for the first time.

It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, and I hope to be able to do many more of these. I definitely think this is my new absolute favorite form of photography.

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