Meet your photographer:

My name is Ashlee Schroeppel

I've had a love for photography ever since I was young. I have a very artistic soul, and I think when I take a photograph, I'm showing everyone how I see the world. I don't like to let the little things pass me by. God created a beautiful world for us to live in, and I try to take it in every chance I get. 
A great photograph isn't created by the camera you have, but created by the person taking the photo. 
It isn't always about the posing, and the forced smiles; it's about capturing moments. Moments that last forever in time. I aim to capture real moments in every photograph that I take. 
Photography is art, it's my passion, and in a very competitive business, I'm just trying to do the thing I love.
I look forward to meeting, and getting to know you.

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