Friday, May 17, 2013

JessHE and JesShe | Maternity

This my gorgeous cousin Jessie! Who is married to this handsome fella, Jesse.
Yeah it's way confusing, hence the JessHE and JesSHE. They are so great together, and just welcomed a new bundle of joy in to the world. We shot these maternity photos the week before he arrived! Phew.
We had a blast finding some great shots to shoot down at Utah Lake. I love the backdrop of the lake for photos, I think it's gorgeous! It helps that my cousin is glowing and so beautiful.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Anthony | Headshots (revisited)

If you look through any of my head shots you are bound to already have seen this guys face! This is my husbands best friend Anthony. He is a pretty dang cool guy if you ask me. He, like my husband, is an actor. If you know anything about acting you know that head shots are very key in landing auditions. It gives the director a great idea of what you look like and if you fit the role. It is highly recommended with head shots that you take new head shots every time your look changes. This helps the director know you have different looks, and that's always a good thing. Hence the multiple sessions of head shots that I do.
I love these ones. I used a darker background than I usually do, but I am very partial to these head shots. The over all look we were going for, we captured, and I think I may start using this darker background more.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Matt & Shelby Engagements

These two are such an adorable couple, and so in love! We took these photos in March. They really wanted a springy vibe, but everything was still dark and snowy. We found some great spots to help out with that though, and I think they turned out great! I really love working with Matt & Shelby, they are both so sweet!


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